Nurturing New Lives & Supporting Grieving Families With Hope, Resources, & Care

Our Mission

At Gifts from Liam, we believe in the power of love, support, and education to transform lives. Our mission is clear: to provide essential education, services, and resources to at-risk pregnant and parenting individuals, and to families with babies who have died, creating a ripple effect that saves babies, supports grieving families, and strengthens BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color) communities.

What We Do

Why We Exist

Simply put, we exist because our work is needed; because pregnancy and parenting are precious yet incredibly complex and difficult life events. Every parent, including grieving parents, deserves the support they need, and that’s why our goal at Gifts from Liam is to stand with new parents, offering a lifeline of support, hope and resources during the critical moments of pregnancy, early parenthood, and bereavement.

We’re doing this because babies are dying, and they are dying at higher rates in BIPOC communities. While we work to save more babies, we also recognize the importance and need for increased access and improved quality of available grief support for marginalized populations who need this support the most. Closing these gaps is a critical part of our work.

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