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For general donations to Gifts from Liam, please follow this link. Any amount is accepted and we can’t thank you enough for your generous support as we continue our mission of providing education, services, and resources to at-risk pregnant and parenting individuals in an effort to save babies and support grieving families.


Explore a few of our needs on our volunteer portal – sign up for an account and fan our page to receive updates on future needs and volunteer opportunities.
This is not an exhaustive list! Reach out if you’re interested in volunteering in other ways.

Host a Diaper Drive

Hosting a diaper drive is a simple yet impactful way to support members of your community who are in need. Not sure where to start? Check out our brief guide for general guidance on how to host a diaper drive in Chicago and reach out to us if you’d like to get started!

Here’s a Couple Examples

Michelle Flores

Michelle Flores from Realty of Chicago has hosted two diaper drives collecting over 10,000 diapers!

Here’s how she did it:

“I met Anna through my colleague Wanda who knows that I am passionate about helping families, especially moms with littles.  Wanda shared that Anna runs Gifts From Liam, an organization that helps provide diapers to families who are in need of such a resource.  That was all I needed to know.  I connected with Anna to see how I could help her gather resources to better help our communities.  She explained that I could help with hosting my own diaper drive.  Say Less!!!!”

“I signed up immediately and have hosted 2 drives since.  I created flyers that were sent via e-blast, shared on all social platforms and sent via text with a QR code that directed interested parties to the Amazon Wish List that I created on behalf of Gifts from Liam.  My donors were able to order and have the packages delivered to my office directly.  They also had the option to drop off diaper donations to any of my 5 office locations throughout the Chicagoland area (Romeoville, Belmont Cragin, West Lawn, Pilsen, Berwyn).  We gathered the donations and then delivered them personally to her storage facility.  It was an amazing experience. It was so easy and we had a great response.  I plan to continue to host for years to come.”

David Roa

David Roa from Eagle Scouts collected over 24,000 diapers

Here’s how he did it:

“I didn’t do it alone. My parents, brother, and supporters of the troop helped raise over 20,000 diapers. When the original idea of partnering with Gifts From Liam was proposed for my project, it seemed like a lot of work, but the cause it was supporting was one I was very passionate about so I had to. I started planning it out by creating posters and flyers to promote donations. Lots of friends and family donated but I wanted to raise more. I emailed big diaper companies and requested donations which turned out to raise more diapers than I thought I would. I was generously donated a pallet of diapers! As time started running out, I ended my project with over 20,000 diaper donations and just enough time to finish any paperwork that I needed to complete before my birthday.”

Aga Galus

Aga Galus of @properties collected 8,600 diapers

Here’s how she did it:

“My goals and passion are to help other organizations that have a clear mission. If you feel like you would love to help and host a Diaper Drive for Gifts from Liam, here is my experience with hosting a very successful drive. My diaper count goal was 10,000 and I’ve collected 8600 Hurray! I will list in detail from the most effective to least effective way to host a diaper drive.

  1. Asking for a monetary donation was most successful. I texted all my friends and business associates and asked them for a $30 donation (average cost for a box of diapers) for my diaper drive and then bought the boxes myself visiting multiple stores because I cleared out the largest boxes in at least two stores.
  2. Drop off at a location. I set up drop off locations providing a box and literature about the diaper drive around northwest suburbs. The locations included work office, friends’ businesses like restaurants and offices, fitness group I’m part of, play places for children I’m a member at, and my son’s pre-school. I sent general emails and reminders at my work. Many of my agent-friends dropped off diapers at our office. Many had purchased them online or store and had them mailed to my office location.
  3. Mail to drop off location. Everyone is busy and I thought that this would be the most effective, yet it was the least effective way. I simply asked to pick any box and size from Amazon at their leisure and mail it to my office. There were few deliveries but not many.

Generally, you must ask everyone you know, and ask them to do you a favor and text or email everyone they know to help you with your diaper drive. I’m very happy I have so much support from friends, family, and co-workers. This was a team effort and I’m very grateful. I wish you all the best and huge success with your diaper drive.”

The National Diaper Bank Network offers additional guidance on How to Host a Diaper Drive. If you have further questions, please refer to our contact page and we will be in touch.