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Policy change is a necessary step in accomplishing true system level improvement. We know that our mission of providing education, grief support services, and other resources to at-risk pregnant and parenting individuals, is a passion shared by many. This includes grieving families who have lost a baby during pregnancy or infancy. By joining forces with others to enact legislative change, we have the power to change outcomes, improve lives, and nurture hope.

What is Liam’s Law?

Our mission is deeply rooted in Liam’s Law, a crucial piece of legislation aimed at correcting deficiencies in the implementation of Public Act 93-578. This law ensures that all families enduring the pain of stillbirth are treated with the utmost respect by the State. As of January 2023, 47 states, including Illinois, have enacted laws granting bereaved parents the option to request and receive a certificate specifically recognizing the stillbirth of their child.

Unfortunately, the implementation of Public Act 93-578 fell short, leaving most grieving parents uninformed about this option. Liam’s stillbirth occurred 13 years after PA 93-578 became law and Liam’s family was not made aware of their right to receive a certificate officially validating his birth and existence.  The story of Liam is a heartbreakingly familiar story of the gaps that exist between our healthcare system and our legislative processes.

Stillbirth Certificate Survey

Have you or your family experienced a stillbirth? We want to hear from you. Our goal is to help improve the implementation of Liam’s Law and other similar laws throughout the country.

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